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What's this Matterport thingy, and do I need it?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Okay, so Matterport. What the heck is that, right? Well, Matterport is the standard for digitizing any space. Whether that be hotels, offices, shops or real estate. Matterport provides 3D space capture, creating an immersive digital twin. Now what the heck is a digital twin? A digital twin is the most accurate digital copy of a real world space. Matterport not only allows panoramic scanning, but immerses the viewer into a space, allowing them to fully capture and interact with it. So, for example, when Matterport is used on a listing, a buyer can take a 3D virtual tour through an entire home all from their fingertips. By providing an opportunity for a client to virtually step into the space, they can truly see and understand what this space could be like for them. In a study listed on, it shows that 95% of people are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours.

If that’s not enough of a reason to use Matterport in real estate, I don’t know what is.

Matterport Device (pictured above)

Matterport Features

Now let’s dive into the other features provided by Matterport to digitize your world. These 3D virtual tours can become guided, bringing people through the property, promoting key features or selling points. Another amazing feature is the Dollhouse View. The Dollhouse view also provides a 3D perspective, allowing viewers to look at the entire floor plan of a home from a birds eye view as well as into a specific room. This helps people visualize the flow of the home and the spatial relationship between spaces within it.

Matterport Dollhouse View (pictured above)

Within the Dollhouse view, the viewer can easily navigate to specific spaces that they can then be virtually guided through. Using Matterport, you also have the measurement mode. The measurement mode provides the viewer the opportunity to accurately measure anything within your 3D model. This could be the size of the room, doorways, or the size of a desk or bed. This eliminates unrealistic expectations of a space, as well as giving the viewer an opportunity to know how their life could fit into the space.

Matterport Measurement Mode (pictured above)

As viewers look through a space and at specific features, they also have the opportunity to click on said features that have Mattertags. Mattertags are attached to objects within the 3D model. The Mattertags, when clicked on, provide descriptions of the object or feature.

Mattertags (pictured above)

For example, as a viewer is looking through a 3D kitchen space in a home, they can click on the Mattertag on the fridge or stove, providing details of these appliances. That is, if Mattertags are an utilized feature. With all of these amazing aspects of Matterport, a concern some may have are their personal lives being viewed in 3D. That’s where the Blur Brush steps in. The Blur Brush allows pictures, people, or any personal items to be blurred out of Matterport. That way, no viewer can violate the privacy preferred by a homeowner.

Matterport is changing how people interact with spaces. It is a game changer for real estate. Through the use of Matterport, people can virtually dive into a brand new space and see what their life could be like all from behind a computer screen. In real estate, that’s how you grab attention and sell listings. Another study showed on that 74% of agents that use Matterport win more listings.

So, time to level up your real estate marketing with Matterport. Not only will you get that property sold in no time, but potentially gain clients simultaneously. What else is there to say - it’s time to use Matterport to not only give your client’s listings the attention they deserve, but also for you as an agent. Be at the cutting edge of real estate marketing with Matterport.

Click Here to view one of our sample Matterport 3D Virtual Tours.

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